WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance 1.5.5 released

Version 1.5.5 of our WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance plugin for WordPress has been released. We recommend that all users update. It includes a number of significant features and fixes:

* FIX: Monaco and the Isle of Man were previously being erroneously omitted from reports, despite being part of the EU for VAT purposes
* FIX: Back-end order page now shows the VAT paid as 0.00 instead of ‘Unknown’, if a valid VAT number was entered. The VAT number is also shown more prominently.
* FIX: Add missing file to 1.5.2 release (exchange rate providers were not working properly without it)
* FEATURE: If the customer added a VAT number for VAT exemption, then it will be appended to the billing address, where relevant (e.g. email order summary, PDF invoices). Credit to Diego Zanella for the idea and modified code.
* FEATURE: Rate information is now saved at order time in more detail, and displayed by rate; this is important data, especially if you sell goods which are not all in the same VAT band (i.e. different VAT bands in the same country, e.g. standard rate and reduced rate)
* TWEAK: Move compliance information on the order screen into its own meta box
* TWEAK: Settings page will now require the user to confirm that they wish to leave, if they have unsaved changes