Automatic order printing via PrintNode

Many customers of our popular automatic order printing plugin for WooCommerce, built on top of Google Cloud Print, have asked about if we will be able to provide a new solution after Google Cloud Print reaches its end of life.

The answer for many months up to this point has been things like “we have a plan; we hope that somewhere around the middle of next year we’ll be able to launch”. Well, here we are, and we’re happy to say that our new plugin is almost ready for release (just some final tidy-ups and tweaks, and then adding it into the shop).

It will use PrintNode to accomplish the role played in our existing plugin by Google Cloud Print (i.e. routing a print job through the Internet from your website to your printer). PrintNode as a company have been around several years, and provide reliable services for all common operating systems, and have a website in multiple languages. They provide an API aimed at application developers (such as ourselves) – i.e. this is just the sort of use case that their product is for. As such, we see good reasons to believe that their services will be something you can rely on for years to come.

When our new plugin is available for sale, we will post again. For now, we wanted to let you know what was coming, and give you some time to look at PrintNode and be ready when the time comes (e.g. you can set it up with your printers now). Update: it’s now available.