WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance 1.6.12 released

Version 1.6.12 of our WooCommerce EU VAT Compliance plugin has been released.

This release includes the following changes:

  • Feature: CSV downloads now take notice of the chosen dates in the date selector widget (reports) (i.e. so you can now alsop download selected data, instead of only downloading all data)
  • Fix: Some more translated strings are now translated in the admin interface.
  • Fix: Restore functionality on WooCommerce < 2.2 (checkout broken in 1.6.0)
  • Fix: Don’t tweak the “taxes estimated for” message on the cart page on WooCommerce < 2.2.9, since the country choice widget requires this version
  • Fix: The button on the report date selector form, if accessed via the compliance centre (rather than WooCommerce reports) was not working
  • Fix: Restore the ability to run on PHP 5.2
  • Fix: If no current exchange rates were available at check-out time, and HTTP network download failed, then this case was handled incorrectly.
  • Fix: Some settings strings were not being translated in the admin interface.
  • Fix: “Taxes estimated for” message on the cart page now indicates the correct country
  • Tweak: Move widget + shortcode code to a different file
  • Tweak: CSV order download will now only list orders from 1st Jan 2015 onwards, to prevent large numbers of database queries for orders preceeding the VAT law on shops with large existing order lists.
  • Tweak: CSV order download will now intentionally show orders from non-EU countries (since these could be subject to audit for compliance also); a later release will make this optional. Before, these orders were shown, though not intentionally, and the data was incomplete.
  • Translation: Updated French translation (thanks to Guy Pasteger)

As always, the new version can be downloaded from your account page.